Below Deck by BL Maxwell

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Below Deck (Pride Cruise 2024) by BL Maxwell

JJ Carrington was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s used to flying in business class and spending all his holidays at the nicest resorts in the world. But lately he’s tired of the same vacation over and over again, and the long days of drinking and looking for his next hookup are starting to blur together.
Cory Wynn has been working on a cruise ship for the past year. He’d never traveled before that, and now he’s seen more Caribbean destinations than he even knew existed. He hoped to meet someone to fall in love with while at sea, but so far all he does is work.
JJ follows some of the passengers onto the cruise ship after partying with them all day. Security realizes he’s not a passenger, and they waste no time taking him into custody and explaining to him he’ll be dropped off at the next stop. JJ is used to getting his way in everything in life, but this time there’s no one to bail him out. He may have finally met his match in the cruise worker who has to share his cabin with him and can’t wait until the next stop to get him off the ship.

Below Deck – BL Maxwell

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