Beautiful Liar by Jaye Pratt

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Beautiful Liar (O’Brien Mafia Duet, Part Two) by Jaye Pratt

All I wanted was to run away and never come back. I tried and failed when an Irish, combat boot wearing dickhead dragged me back to his house, honoring a promise he made to his best friend after the accident—an accident I caused.

I’m broken, unable to piece myself back together. Being assaulted and kidnapped does that to you. It strip’s you of everything you thought you were.
Cian, Ronan and Sullivan are determined to help me discover who I am now, and while I despise Darragh, he is slowly growing on me.
When danger threatens those I love, I have no choice but to protect them, even though I couldn’t protect myself.
Can they help me find the new Harper or will I end up right back where I started.

Beautiful Liar – Jaye Pratt

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