Beast, Part One by Tiya Rayne

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Beast, Part One (Church #4) by Tiya Rayne

It started with me. Five years ago, she interrupted my menu. I’d never met anyone like her. She didn’t run from me. Mother said they would all run. But despite how much she intrigued me, I had to kill her. It’s part of my job. Yet, when the time came, I couldn’t do it.
Now, five years later, I’m finally out of lockdown. I have a new mission; to take down the Church. Nothing can stand in the way of my new path. However, once again, I find myself drawn to Summer Jones. And even though I don’t deserve her, I can’t let her go.

I met him at the lowest point in my life. What started out as a desperate attempt to make some fast money turned into a night I’ll never forget. He changed my world in one single night and then disappeared.
Now he’s back. I shouldn’t want him around. I should make him go back to wherever he’s been for the last five years. However, no matter how much his absence from my life hurt me, I can’t keep him away from his son.

Beast, Part One – Tiya Rayne

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