Bayou Bishops Box Set #1-12 by Lucian Bane

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Bayou Bishops Box Set #1-12 by Lucian Bane

As The Bishop, I rule with an iron fist and unwavering resolve alongside The Twelve. Our dominion is relentless, and when I cross paths with Beth—a survivor of the vile Roulette MC gang’s sex traffickers—a deadly game of vengeance ignites.
Soon, Beth ignites her own deadly games with me, her fiery gaze torching the celibate vows I’ve sworn to uphold. Bent on stoking my ruthless hungers, I finally take what I crave, intent on slaying my angel with a merciless dominance. But after the smoke fades, I realize our celibacy laws were nothing but chains holding us in a grave. Once Beth resurrects me, I know what must be done. Declare a new law in the swamp–The Twelve must all find wives.
But our ways say this ain’t a one and done. Beth is mine but she’ll have to earn her place by my side and conquer The Gauntlet Trials, a grueling test of strength and wit that few pass. And with our enemies lurking in every shadow, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means making sure she fails.
Bayou Bishops’ thrusts you into my savage journey where love clashes with duty, and survival eclipses justice. Brace yourself for a wild outlaw’s ride through a world where the faint of heart dare not tread—a realm of untamed wilderness where only the strongest endure.”

Bayou Bishops Box Set #1-12 – Lucian Bane

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