Baby Bodyguard by Day Leclaire

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Baby Bodyguard (Baby, Oh Baby! #3) by Day Leclaire

Sami Fontaine wants a baby more than anything, a baby that will give her the “perfect” family. But that family doesn’t include a husband. Not after watching her mother lose the love of her life. One problem… Where to find a man willing to father a child and then disappear from her life permanently? The solution is simple: advertise…g
When gorgeous Noah Hawke turns up on her doorstep, wolf-dog in tow, Sami knows she’d found the perfect man. Only Noah isn’t reporting for baby-making duties. He’s been hired to watch over Sami, after her mother finds a series of threatening letters. And the perfect solution to protect her is to wed and bed her—not necessarily in that order!

Baby Bodyguard – Day Leclaire

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