Axel Wulf by Stella Marie Alden

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Axel Wulf by Stella Marie Alden

Life is not a project plan.
My suspect, a gorgeous woman with three doctorates and a kid, disagrees. However, if she thinks she can strategize her way out of the mess she’s created, she’s sorely mistaken.
For one thing, the FBI frowns on US citizens selling hi-tech weapons to our enemies. Secondly, arms dealers hate being conned; a corrupt congressman, even less.
To find her buyers, my boss insists I go undercover and sleep with her. When the line between seducer and seductress smudges, I step back but it’s too late.
For the first time in years, my heart is engaged. I either prove her innocence or die trying.

Axel Wulf – Stella Marie Alden

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