Awakening the Dhampir by Sara Sines

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Awakening the Dhampir (The Last Dhampir #2) by Sara Sines

I’ve spent my entire life believing I was in control. I never had any doubts about my future, my goals, or my dreams. I knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it.
Every bit of it disappeared when he decided I should be his blood slave. I no longer had dreams of traveling the world. No more hopes of climbing the ladder of success in my career. No chance to find out if my feelings for Kenrid were real. And no chance to test Damon’s claim that fate put us together.
I couldn’t see my future past the four concrete walls surrounding me.
Could I dare hope that my guys would find me? Or would I have to release the monster inside of me to save myself?

Awakening the Dhampir – Sara Sines

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