Ava by Mazzy J. March

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Ava (Werewolf Academy #2) by Mazzy J. March

My bond with my parents was never strong, especially with my father. For the most part, he ignored me but claimed he’d done his duty seeing to my needs. No more was required.
Despite my struggle to feel love from them, I never wanted them to die. The car accident had been too much for even their shifter bodies to handle. As I sat alone in the waiting room, hoping for some good news. A nurse approached me and asked for me to donate blood for my parents’ recovery.
Minutes after my donation was complete, I was given the news. My mother would receive the blood. But I was not a match to my father. I was not his biological daughter.
Once my mother and stepfather are buried, I pull myself together and set out to find out who my true father was. And find a sister in the process. She attends the Werewolf Academy…so I will too. But I will keep my secret power to myself, at least for the time being.

Ava – Mazzy J. March

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