Arthur’s Honor by Jen Talty

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Arthur’s Honor (The Aegis Network: Jacksonville Division #3) by Jen Talty

Two lives, one conspiracy: unraveling the truth could cost them everything.
After a mission gone wrong, Arthur Knight and his team find themselves in a new, secretive world. Recruited by an old friend into the elite Aegis Network, they are promised not only the benefits of military service but also access to crucial information that could help Arthur unravel a lingering mystery from his past.
Maren Cordelia’s life takes a dramatic turn when she’s involved in a car accident while on her way home to assist her mother with a business deal. Saved by a stranger, she’s eager to express her gratitude, but the rescuer is reluctant to have any involvement with her or her apology. However, a string of suspicious incidents, including a fire in the marina, forced Arthur and his team to investigate matters more closely.
Together, Arthur and Maren embark on a treacherous journey where trust is a rare commodity, and the truth could be more perilous than the lies they’re unraveling.

Arthur’s Honor – Jen Talty

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