Angel by Anna Castor

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Angel (Iron Vikings MC #4) by Anna Castor

Known as the ‘Quiet One’, Nora Walker looked nothing like her twin sister Cat, nicknamed ‘Whirlwind’ by the brothers in the Iron Vikings MC.
Being stuck at the compound, surrounded by the brothers she’d feared most of her life, and unable to escape their debaucheries, Nora couldn’t wait for this lockdown to be over.
When the most handsome Iron Viking, Angel, kisses her out of the blue, Nora is dead set on running away from IVMC, even if she has to leave her family behind. She will never become an Old Lady like her sisters.
Not in a million years.
Angel can’t figure out why out of all people, the shy, mousy girl with the chestnut hair piques his interest. But for some reason, he can’t take his eyes off her during lockdown, needing to know where Nora is at all times.
And to make his annoying obsession even worse, Nora decides to leave the safety of the club and move far away to some off-campus apartment where he’s unable to protect her properly. However, Angel pulls out all the stops, even going as far as stalking Nora as she tries to put club life behind.
When ghosts from their past rear their ugly heads, Angel has no choice but to bring Nora back to where she belongs: with him at the club.

Angel – Anna Castor

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