All For You by Renee Harless

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All For You (Sunny Brook Farms #4) by Renee Harless

Taking over the family farm in our small town was the only future I knew. But the never ending work left me with no social life and my virginity intact. Until my childhood rival graced us with his presence and was convinced he could help me with my…problem.
Owen Ramsey was an elite professional baseball player that left Ashfield without a backward glance. But when he was left at the altar, he sought refuge back in our town. I hated how he could simultaneously make my heart race and my hands fist. And I really despised how good he looked in a pair of baseball pants.
He needed my help just as much as I needed his. If I agreed to fake date him, he would help me snag the man I had my eye on and I would help convince his ex that he wasn’t heartbroken.
But with his return to baseball looming, we realized maybe the hate we felt was really something more like love.
The fear of disappointing my family was too great, even though I craved something different for the first time ever. Owen was used to hitting balls out of the park, but I wasn’t sure I was meant to be his home run.

All For You – Renee Harless

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