Alien’s Match by Elin Wyn

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Alien’s Match (Outlaw Planet Mates) by Elin Wyn

My bunny slippers weren’t made for this, but my heart was.

Getting kidnapped by aliens is only half the problem. My rescuer is a brooding dragon warrior. He’s grumpy, mysterious, and definitely not happy to be stuck with me, but as we navigate the twists and turns of an abandoned mine, I can’t help but be drawn to his fierce protectiveness and hidden depths.
Lost in a maze of glowing caverns, we dance around our growing attraction, trading barbs and battling the scorching chemistry between us. But when we stumble upon a secret underground city, the stakes become higher than ever.
Norsuk is holding back, keeping secrets about my fate that could tear us apart just as we’ve found each other, and I’m faced with an impossible choice – return to Earth and the life I knew, or risk everything for a chance at a future with the alien who’s captured my heart.

Alien’s Match – Elin Wyn

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