Alien Abduction for Unicorn by Skye MacKinnon

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Alien Abduction for Unicorns (The Intergalactic Guide to Humans #7) by Skye MacKinnon

Unicorns are just as real as aliens.

Despite achieving fame and fortune as a renowned unicorn tamer, Bruin has never found the one thing he craves: love. When a horrific accident puts him deep in debt, Bruin’s only chance of returning to his old life is aiding his scientist father. Sent to find out why the people on a primitive planet called Earth don’t believe in unicorns, all Bruin has to do is abduct a human. But he never expected that human to be his fated mate…
All Tara’s ever wanted is to leave her small Scottish town and explore the world. Being kidnapped by a crazy guy with a fake unicorn wasn’t what she had in mind. Especially when the unicorn turns out to be real, and the crazily hot guy turns out to be an alien.
Her abductor is offering a chance to explore the galaxy with his charming unicorn in tow. But to see the stars, she’d have to give up everything, including the walls around her heart.

A spicy standalone story set in the Starlight Universe involving a billionaire alien, his unicorn, and the human woman they both covet. If you like alpha aliens with ‘dual equipment’, a whole lot of crazy fun, and an out-of-this-world adventure, dive into the latest instalment of The Intergalactic Guide to Humans.

Alien Abduction for Unicorns – Skye MacKinnon

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