Abducting his Duchess by Vivian Murdoch

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Abducting his Duchess (Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas #2.5) by Vivian Murdoch

Run, my sweet little kitten.
Run, run, as fast as you can. Tripping over your skirts as you flee through the woods, your fear such a delectable scent on the wind.
I am never far behind. And when I find you, I will remind you of who you belong to. Perhaps I’ll tie you to a tree, helpless and afraid as I spread you open for my enjoyment.
You are mine, Catherine. My filthy, depraved little duchess.
And I plan to ensure you never forget it.
Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas is a dark omegaverse set in a world where title and rank is determined by dynamic rather than birth and where sweet little omegas are the belle of every ball.

Abducting his Duchess – Vivian Murdoch

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