A Summoned Husband by S.J. Stewart

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A Summoned Husband by S.J. Stewart


A lot can happen after three… or four… or maybe five glasses of wine. Eden thought that after a night with the girls and far too much wine, all she would have to worry about was replacing the rug. Boy, was she wrong.
A few whispered words from an old book and she found herself married… to a demon. If only that was the worst of it. Her demon husband has baggage and now bound to the tall, dark, and obnoxiously handsome demon, Eden’s world is about to be thrown upside down.
Asmodeus doesn’t want a wife, least of all a mortal attached to a brood of women who keep trying to banish him back to the depths he’d happily go back to. Some spells can’t be undone. Some fates can’t be avoided and somehow he is going to figure out how to keep his mortal life alive as his sins come calling.

A Summoned Husband – S.J. Stewart

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