A Stealthy Situation by Saxon James

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A Stealthy Situation (Franklin U #2) by Saxon James

My life’s goal? Make plants fun!
I’m gonna be fighting for flora when I’m older and it all starts with auditing stats so I can level up for my masters, and lucky for me, the intriguing guy in my class is a math whizz.
He’s standoffish at first, but after a class where I bet my sitcoms can make him laugh, one bet leads to another and we’re hanging out all the time. Even though I know he’s interested in me, we’re easy friends, until I start to think I might be a little interested in him, too.
The only problem? He seems like a totally different guy in class to when we hang out. I brush it off as him trying to concentrate, but then I spot something I can’t explain away.
A scar. On his palm.
One I’m positive Benny has never had before.

Since we were little, my twin brother and I have always switched things up–literally. It started as funsies, and now we’re college juniors and still taking each other’s classes. I suck at Math, he sucks at English, and we both have a rule not to make friends in class as the other person. Our system is perfect.
Only Emmett has the audacity to get sick right before stats and I have to actually show up for my own class–where I meet my future husband.
Harrison is smart, weirdly into plants, and we instantly hit it off like old friends.
Only of course the gorgeous mountain of a nerd is straight.
Just when I’m telling myself to let my dreams of matching rings go, our text messages become constant, flirtier, deeper than I’ve had with any other guy before. My butterflies have butterflies every time we catch up.
And then I get a text from Emmett: I’m so sorry. I think I messed up.

A Stealthy Situation – Saxon James

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