A Soul to Protect by Opal Reyne

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A Soul to Protect (Duskwalker Brides #7) by Opal Reyne

All Linh wanted was to feel safe.

After escaping vile bandits, Linh is faced with a conundrum. She can either run through the Demon-filled wilds, or seek safety from a serpent monster.
The longer she forces her presence in the monster’s territory, the more she learns a Duskwalker’s heart can be nurturing. Despite her fears, she longs for the slither of his scales across her skin and the burning desire it awakens in her.
All Nathair wanted was to be left alone.
Dealing with the pressure of his fractured mind, Nathair’s return to life has been unpleasant. He’s in pain, his voice lost, and he finds himself protecting a female who is in more danger from him than she realises.
She’s broken. Though he doesn’t know if he can mend her, he craves her so fervently he will do anything to keep her. But Linh wants to return to her people, and Nathair cannot go with her.
How can Nathair convince her to choose him when he is more monstrous than any other Mavka?

A Soul to Protect – Opal Reyne

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