A Sky Full Of Stars by Katherine Jay

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A Sky Full Of Stars (Heartstrings #5) by Katherine Jay

My name is Lainey Bennett, and I’m hopelessly in love with my older brother’s best friend—rising star quarterback, Thomas Kelly.
He’s popular and out of my league, but even if he wasn’t, there’s an invisible sign on my forehead telling him I’m “off-limits.”
But when he accidentally stumbles into my bedroom during one of my brother’s obnoxious parties, all that changes.
He stays after realizing his mistake and keeps coming back…in secret.
From stolen moments to nights spent dancing under the stars, there’s no denying our connection.
Despite knowing we’re on borrowed time, I can’t let him go.
Because there are two versions of Thomas Kelly—the cocky football player that everyone knows and loves, and the broken man I see. The man that needs me.
Only we can’t hide our relationship forever…
So what happens when the truth comes out?

A Sky Full Of Stars – Katherine Jay

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