A Perilous Wager by Laura Landon

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A Perilous Wager (The Willowbrook #5) by Laura Landon

When the Crimean War ends, Major Jackson Corbin returns to England to live his dream: to open Jackson’s Gentleman’s Club. But when he is appointed to keep the accounts for the new railroad line being built to connect Willowbrook to London, in addition to his already full-time job of keeping the accounts for his thriving gentleman’s club, he realizes that keeping the two accounts will be a bigger job than one man can handle.

His partner suggests he hire Miss Magdalena Osbourne, even though he is convinced a lady has no business working in a gentleman’s gaming club, especially the daughter of a vicar. But after five minutes in her presence, Jack is smitten by her perfect demeanor and her angelic features. If only he can convince her that loving him will not prevent her from fulfilling the promise she made her parents – that she would always care for her blind sister.
But what Jack doesn’t count on is a man who will do anything in his power to steal the profits from the railroad account to cover his gambling debts – including murder.

A Perilous Wager – Laura Landon

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