A Moonbeam in the Bay by Fiona Baker

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A Moonbeam in the Bay (Chasing Tides #5) by Fiona Baker

After a missed opportunity at love, can two old flames find their way back to each other?

Willis Jenkins refuses to accept that he’s lonely. Although his wife left him years ago, he’s always been close with his daughter Hannah, and working at his restaurant keeps him plenty busy. He doesn’t need anything else… or so he thinks.
But when Hannah returns home for a visit and finds out that her father’s first love is now living in Whale Harbor, the small town right beside Blueberry Bay, she decides to play matchmaker. She knows her father is lonelier than he lets on, and she wants to see him happy. And besides, Marsha Dunlap is one of the sweetest women Hannah has ever met.
But can old flames truly be rekindled? Or is it too late for a second chance between the onetime sweethearts?
Meanwhile, Paige Garner has graduated and is facing big decisions about her future. She’s been offered a scholarship for an out-of-state college, but although Josie is pushing her to accept it, a nagging feeling is holding Paige back from saying yes.
And newlyweds Alissa and Dane have just bought the house of their dreams—but a series of disasters threaten to turn it into a nightmare instead.

Nestled against the beautiful New England town of Whale Harbor, Blueberry Bay is a cozy coastal town with sandy beaches and a cast of characters who’ll make you laugh, smile, and be swept away. If you enjoy clean romance and stories that celebrate family and friendship, this series is for you!

A Moonbeam in the Bay – Fiona Baker

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