A Madness of Crows by Evelyn Flood

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A Madness of Crows (Mafia University #3) by Evelyn Flood

No longer an heir.
No longer a daughter.
No longer a Crow.
Now, I am a wife.
An accessory.
A toy.
Ripped away from the men I love, they want to break me. Strip away everything that made me into who I am, and create something new.
I was Caterina Corvo.
But now, I am Caterina Asante.
For them, I will fight. For her, I will endure. But every day, it becomes harder to remember who I used to be. This is not a battle that can be won with knives and bullets.
And this battle… I think it might destroy me.

A Madness of Crows – Evelyn Flood

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