A Kingdom of Broken Bonds by Erin O’Kane

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A Kingdom of Broken Bonds (Brides of Darkness) by Erin O’Kane

Bride. Vampire. Saviour.

The vampire lands of Trador are dying… all the seven lands of the realm are.
Their only hope is the Brides.
One female from each land has been raised to marry strategically and help to fulfil the prophecy that hangs over them all.
War is looming and the Brides are the only thing standing between salvation and destruction.

Anthea has known this was her fate since she was a child. Prince Havoc from the land of Drathlor is her mate, for the two of them to marry was a strategical move. However, the prince has other ideas, not wanting a mate or bride, driving a wedge between them both. Not to mention his handsome best friend who she cannot seem to stop watching.
Facing rejection from Havoc and with the weight of the prophecy on her shoulders, she has to battle daily in the hopes she can still save her land. After all, as the first bride, no one can afford for this to fail.

Will Anthea and Havoc come together for the betterment of their people, or will their broken bonds doom them all?

A Kingdom of Broken Bonds – Erin O’Kane

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