A Cure for Recovery by Lauren Gilley

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A Cure for Recovery (College Town #2) by Lauren Gilley

“Tommy’s been a Granger instead of a Katz or a Cattaneo for almost seven months, and he’s still not tired of signing his new legal name on documents, or seeing it printed in his email signature. He especially likes the sight of it in the elegant script of Leo and Dana’s wedding save-the-date cards.
But even the charm of his new name, and the new life it represents, can’t make up for the drudgery of yet another doctor’s appointment.”

Tommy survived a shooting, retired from the NYPD, and married the love of his life, but recovery, he’s learned in the seven months since, isn’t as straightforward as physical healing. Set after the events of “College Town,” A Cure for Recovery tells a domestic story of love, and frustration, and working through tough times with the people you love most. A story of family, and the fears and joys of a future you never thought you’d get to live.

This M/M novella is not a standalone and must be read after “College Town.”

A Cure for Recovery – Lauren Gilley

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