A Coastal Crush by Katie Nelson

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A Coastal Crush (Sunkissed Summer Novellas #2) by Katie Nelson

Summer love has never been on my radar, but then again, I’ve never been kissed on the coast…until now.

After three years at Denver’s Mountain View Press, I’ve worked my way up to Senior Editorial Assistant. But, that’s where I’m stuck: assisting. What I really want to do is publish my own book.
When my adventurous aunt sends me an alluring postcard from her new home in Sunshine Shores, Florida, I jump at the chance for a fresh start. All I have to do is submit my two weeks’ notice, dodge any and all sightings of my literary agent crush, Bronson Campbell, and not freak out that I’m making a giant, irresponsible mistake. Easy peasy, right?
As if this humongous life change isn’t overwhelming enough, upon arriving in Sunshine Shores, I’m immediately faced with terrifying Florida wildlife…and an enchanting surfer named Leo Cruz.
Just when I think I’m settling in, my crushes collide. Sooner than I’d like, I have to make a choice…

A Coastal Crush is a sweet small town beach romcom with swoony kisses, but no spice! It’s a part of the Sunkissed Summer Novellas, a multi-author series about six former college roommates who are about to find love in the same summer. Make sure to read them all!

A Coastal Crush – Katie Nelson

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