5 Days by Holly J Gill

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5 Days (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #8) by Holly J Gill

When did playing with matches become lethal?

I caught the attention of the King of the Mafia. He struck a deal with his arch enemy. I’m his and unable to get out. Until when playing his game, I come face-to-face with a man who’s after me. I did a thing, a bad thing that left me on the run. It was in self-defence.

Death is spilled all over me. I’m a ticking timebomb. I found her, and she’s mine. I struck a deal, to have her for 5 days. I own her to do as I please. Agreed I’ll hand her back. Only I end up discovering there is more to this beauty than meets the eye.
I will protect her no matter the cost, Can I hand her back and forget the time we had together?

5 Days – Holly J Gill

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